About the company

Red Holt LLC is a multidisciplinary organization
Railway Division:
– railway cargo transportation;
– registration of wagons;
– wagons parking;
– washing and steaming of wagons.

Department of the Foreign Economic Activity:
– import of non-ferrous metals from Peru, China, India;
– import of cocoa beans and derivatives from Peru, Colombia;
– import of carmine and natural dyes from Peru;
– import of magnesium oxide (burnt magnesia) from Mexico;
– export of wood boards and timbers to the countries of the Middle East and North Africa.
  • Friendly staff
    We value and respect people. Each employee is an active player in the company's workflow.
  • We love customers
    Customer orientation!
    We are aimed at the client and the solution of his tasks. More than 90% of customers become regular.
  • Working on the reputation
    We value established relations.
    We make every effort to perform high-quality work.